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HEMA Events Worldwide: Kriegschule 2013, Capital HEMA Open 2013, and Rawlings’ Workshop on Thibault’s “Academie de l’Espée”

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By Meg Floyd

This past weekend was a flurry of HEMA events, three taking place at one time across the globe. It’s exciting to see HEMA tournaments and workshops sprouting everywhere so quickly, especially as many of them are smaller regional events that will allow more HEMA students access to the wider HEMA scene without having to travel too far from home.


First among these simultaneous events was Kriegschule 2013, a national open tournament held in Tampa Bay, Florida by Krieg School. Kriegschule was an experimental tournament format held specifically as a competition and freeplay event. Seven tournament rule sets were used for back-to-back competition over the weekend, and the main event tournament rule set was selected by popular vote among pre-registered attendees. Fighters traveled in from several states, including Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia, as well as several members of the local Florida HEMA scene.


The winners of Kriegschule are as follows:

MAIN EVENT TOURNEY (Longpoint Rules Open Longsword):
1st: Sam Street (Schwert Am Schwert Houston)
2nd: Dakao Do (Schwert Am Schwert Houston)
3rd: Ben Strickling (Triangle Sword Guild)

TEAM LONGSWORD: Ryan Van Winkle & Craig Shukas (Both of Krieg School)

TEAM DUSSACK: 1st: Arthur Agdeppa (Schwert Am Schwert Orlando) & Ben Strickling (Triangle Sword Guild)


DAS GRUBLEIN: Glenn Hendrick (Krieg School)

FRANCO-BELGIAN LONGSWORD: Gary Hendrick (Krieg School)

1st: Ben Floyd (Krieg School)
2nd: Ben Strickling (Triangle Sword Guild)
3rd: No winners (doubled out)

Simultaneously in the nation’s capital, the Virginia Longsword Academy hosted the Capital HEMA 2013 Open. The winners of this event were:

Longsword Champion: Matthew Walsh
Silver Medal: Daniel Stuart
Bronze Medal: Ben Jarashow

Also among the events was a two-day workshop on Thibault’s “Academie de l’Espée” hosted in Delft in the Netherlands by a collaboration between the School voor Historische Schermkunsten and the London Longsword Academy, taught by London Longsword Academy instructor David Rawlings. Asked why this workshop on Thibault in particular was held, event organizer Reinier van Noort said, “Because Thibault is one of the most complex, complete systems you will find in HEMA, Dave is one of the best Martial Artists in HEMA, and the combination is spectacularly interesting.” You can read a full review of the Thibault workshop here. Of interest from the report:

“During the entire seminar, Dave really demonstrated the depth of his research into Thibault’s system. He really made it clear to us how much focus Thibault puts on aspects that might seem mere details at first glance, but he also showed very clearly why these details can be so incredibly important. Additionally, Dave gave the participants ample opportunity to attempt executing the techniques and principles, and to perfect them, so that the importance of the details could also become clear to us. All participants were very interested, and were willing to work hard to give themselves and their partners the best possible training. At the end of the two days of training, we had all learned a lot about Thibault. I myself have also gathered some ideas with which I hope to improve my own training. So, it was a very good weekend, which undoubtedly did Thibault honour.”

So 2013 has opened up for HEMA with a bang. There are more exciting events coming in the very near future. Look out next week for an indepth look at the events coming up this spring, including Fechtschule America in March.


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