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HEMA Heats Up In Mexico: Results are in for Encuentro, Schwertkampf 2013 Announced!

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Hosted this past weekend in Toluca, Mexico by Krigerskole and Union de Artes Marciales Europeas (UAME), the results are in for the tournaments held this year for Encuento de Artes Marciales Europeas 2013:

1st Place – Lee Smit (Blood & Iron Martial Arts)
2nd Place – Roberto Martinez-Loyo (EFC)
3rd Place – Edurdo de la Rosa (Maza de Plata)

1st Place – JG Agustín Ortega Téllez (EFC)
2nd Place – Christopher Nava (EFC)
3rd Place – Arturo Camargo (Krigerskole)

Nylon Longsword
1st Place – Christopher Nava (EFC)
2nd Place – Pablo Barrera (Maza de Plata)
3rd Place – Eduardo de la Rosa (Maza de Plata)

Steel Longsword
1st Place – Arturo Medina (EFC)
2nd Place – Arturo Camargo (Krigerskole)
3rd Place – Steaphen Fick (Davenriche European Martial Arts)

This year’s event was sponsored by Absolute Force, Albion Swords Ltd., Fechtschule America, and Mblades. Asked what his favorite part of the event this year was, attendee Omar Rodriguez said, “The Albion invitational steel tournament… [because there were] lots of great fights, lots of technique shown by all the fighters.”


Additionally, an exciting event was just announced to be held later this year. Schwertkampf 2013 will be held in Mexico City on August 2-4, 2013, hosted by a collaboration of the Elite Fencing Club and Akademia Kanan (AK). Workshops will be offered in several weapons from national and international instructors, as well as tournaments. Discounted registration is currently open for $85, and will remain discounted until July 1st, at which time the price of registration will increase to $110. You can find out how to register by clicking either here or the logo above.



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