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Longpoint Is Live! Announcing the New HEMA Livestream Series

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We are excited to report that for the first time ever in 2013, Longpoint will be broadcasting its tournament finals LIVE on July 13, 2013 (time to be announced). Longpoint, as well as Fechtschule America’s livestream in March, are part of a brand new and on-going HEMA Livestream Series.

2013 will be the biggest year ever for livestreaming HEMA tournament finals. This year alone, the HEMA Livestream Series will include Fechtschule America in March, Longpoint in July, Iron Gate Exhibition in September, and Swordfish in November. The HEMA Livestream Series is being provided by Forte Productions in North America.


Forte Productions, lead by Jeff Tsay, is a group dedicated to bringing HEMA tournaments live to the web at affordable prices to events here in North America. They hope to bring more tournaments to live broadcast by 2014.  Tsay said,

“In an effort to promote cooperation between major HEMA events and to promote HEMA worldwide, we’re excited to spearhead this initiative to produce a full series of HEMA livestream starting this year!  If all goes well, we hope to add to the list of participating events next year, possibly expanding beyond U.S. borders to places like Mexico.”

The new American events join the popular Swedish tournament Swordfish on the world stage. Swordfish’s tournament finals have been broadcast live to great success since 2011.

Longpoint’s livestream is being partially funded by tournament dues and partially by a kickstarter. Information for the kickstarter will be announced soon.


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