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Updates from Poland — SKUNKS 2013 Results

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by Meg Floyd

This past weekend, a large tournament called SKUNKS was held in Rybnik, Poland. From everything we’ve seen in videos and pictures, it looks like it was a great event. Below are some photos and tournament results. Congrats to the victors and everyone who participated!



Women’s Longsword/Długi Miecz Kobiet:
1. Anna Stępień
2. Barbara Chlebowska
3. Pavlina Vackova

Women’s Messer/Kord Kobiet:
1. Anna Stępień
2. Hanna Jaroszek
3. Claudia Krause

Women’s Timed Cutting/Praktyczne Indywidualne Ścinanie na Czas Kobiet:
1. Anna Stępień
2. Claudia Krause
3. Kit Smith

Women’s Wrestling/Zapasy Historyczne Kobiet:
1. Kit Smith
2. Claudia Krause
3. Anna Stępień

Men’s Longsword/Długi Miecz Mężczyzn:
1. Anton Kohutovič
2. Maciej Zając
3. Peter Smallridge

Men’s Messer/Kord Mężczyzn:
1. Łukasz Shogun Dąbrowski
2. Grzegorz Magiera
3. Maciej Zając

Men’s Timed Cutting/Praktyczne Indywidualne Ścinanie na Czas Mężczyzn:
1. Piotr Suszka
2. Maciej Zając
3. Tomasz Imiołczyk

Men’s Wrestling/Zapasy Historyczne Mężczyzn:
1. Grzegorz Paszkiewicz
2. Peter Smallridge
3. Piotr Malinowskii

Best Female Cup of SKUNKS 2013 received by Anna Stępień.
Puchar najlepszej zawodniczki ŚKUNKSa 2013 otrzymała Anna Stępień.

Best Male Cup of SKUNKS 2013 received by Łukasz Dąbrowski.
Puchar najlepszego zawodnika ŚKUNKSa 2013 otrzymał Łukasz Dąbrowski.


Pictured above, Anton Kohutovič (winner of men’s longsword) and Peter Smallridge (2nd place wrestling, 3rd place longsword) at SKUNKS 2013 in Rybnik, Poland.


Here’s a video of a round of timed cutting by Łukasz Dąbrowski from the tournament:


Attendee and male cup winner Łukasz Dąbrowski had this to say about SKUNKS 2013:

SKUNKS was great! Three days event, the first day workshops and lectures next two days tournaments. All tournaments were devided to men and women contests like: timed cutting, langes messer, longsword and wrestling tournament. It was good to see some familiar faces from Swordfish. You could feel the spirit of respect and friendship. For me the best day was Saturday, I was in my top form. I beat my record and went under 3 seconds of base time in timed cutting tournament in one of my runs and I took first place in langes messer tournament. I’m very happy that I’ve seen a lot of skilled and expirienced fencers from different countries on SKUNKS. I hope to see them again on other Polish events and that more and more fencers will come to Poland.

Altogether, it looks like Poland has an amazing tournament scene just waiting to be discovered by more people internationally. I know I’m looking forward to getting out to my first Polish event one day.


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