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14 Days Left To Donate to ProGauntlet!


We are happy to bring word of cutting-edge research currently happening in the HEMA world as we continue to seek, as ever, for better and safer gloves to wear while fencing with steel. Historically there has been a struggle between sacrificing protection for finger mobility, but Maarten Kamphuis and Youval Kuipers of the Netherlands look like they’re on to something new with their research project, ProGauntlet.

Kamphuis and Kuipers, the same team who brought us the HEMA Tournament Manager (an online and computerized scoring system featured during the Swordfish 2012 livestream), have set out to create a glove that sacrifices neither. Kuipers says,

“And now we’re here to talk about our next big project, to create the ultimate glove for HEMA. In fact, we challenged ourselves to come up with a glove that would even allow us to play musical instruments. I know you’re asking yourself, what does musical have to do with historical fencing? Well, we believe as with the art of music, historical fencing is a wonderfully precise and delicate art.”

The ProGauntlet team says the glove will offer protection in several historically troublesome places, including the wrist, hand, fingertips, and the sides of the hands. Kamphuis acknowledged both the difficulty but undeniable allure of such a feat, saying,

“That is one heck of a challenge, but imagine seeing the true art in tournaments, unhindered by restrictions of equipment.”

If they are indeed successful, these words certainly fall as sweet notes on our ears. In order to complete the research and production of these gloves, Kamphuis and Kuipers are seeking donations to fulfull a 12.000€ goal to fund the project. Over half of this goal has already been met. To donate to the project, click here.


2 thoughts on “14 Days Left To Donate to ProGauntlet!

  1. Here is the first campaign update: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/progauntlet/x/3352199?c=activity

    Many of the questions are answered, and you can see the actual prototype!

  2. I tried the prototype out with steel feders, sparring with Youval, trying out throws, grabs and disarms. Great fun 🙂

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