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Inside SERFO (Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open 2013)

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by Meg Floyd

In just a few days my clubmates and I will be packing up and setting off to attend the first annual Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open, cohosted by HEMA News’s own Keith Cotter-Reilly and his club, the Atlanta Freifechters and David Coblentz and his Decatur School of Arms. This promises to be an awesome regional event, so here’s a quick and easy guide to the weekend.

You can download the tournament ruleset here.

Registration opens at 9:00 AM on Saturday–you can download the full event schedule here.

The event is very reasonably priced, with registration at just $30. You still have time to register here.

The location address is:

Horizons School
1900 Dekalb Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30307
For current updates, you can follow the event on Facebook.
About the event, Cotter-Reilly says,
“The South East Renaissance Fencing Open is an event that celebrates fencing of all types. It is a regional tournament that showcases Rapier, Longsword, and Dussack fencing. The rule sets are a mixture of modern, and historically inspired. We hope to have people enjoy the event and view it as a learning opportunity as much as a competition. With SERFO we hope to bring participants from different backgrounds such as HEMA, SCA, Classical fencing, etc. and show the common ground we have.”
See you there, space cowboys…

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