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The Quick Guide to the International Lowlands HEMA Gathering 2013 (With Q&A between Kristian Ruokonen and Mishael Lopes Cardozo)

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by Meg Floyd


The first annual ILHG is just around the corner, and in anticipation of what promises to be both a huge and excellent event of near 100 attendees (at least), here’s a quick and dirty guide to things you may want to know if you’re attending.


The tournaments for the event are scheduled to take place on Saturday, Sept. 7th for the adult tournaments and Sunday, Sept. 8th for the kids’ tournament.

Saturday Tournaments

Open steel Longsword
Ladies steel Longsword
Open steel Messer
Invitational steel Longsword

Sunday Tournament

Kids’ Dussack


You can find a list of registered competitors updated every 24 hours here.


Rule sets:

Tournament Rules

Extended Tournament Rules


This is a list of required gear to participate:


Sport shoes that do not leave marks.

Mask + back of the head protection.

Padded jacket

Throat protection

Closed padded gloves with overlapping fingerparts.

Elbow protection

Knee protection

Shin protection

Cup (for men)


Breast and groin protection for women

Forearm protection

Dutch Knuckles

Mouth guard

Upper leg protection


An In-Depth Q&A between Kristian Ruokonen and AMEK Instructor Mishael Lopes Cardozo on questions/concerns about the ruleset.

KR: The 2 main issues with the ILHG ruleset are 1) It does not describe the process that judges are supposed to award points with 2) There are too many things the judges are supposed to remember / see. Also there are some minor issues which are described at the end of this document. Let’s delve deeper into issue nr 1. The judging staff completely lack signals on how to 1) show a strike was a ”scratch” 2) How to show ”combination ( multiple ) attacks 3) How to show if one of the strikes was a proper strike, but the other one was a scratch 4) how to award the extra points for kicks / punches etc etc.
ML: First I shall specify what we consider a scratch, and realise I would just explain this on the spot it is easy. This is a attack where the sword travels and is unhindered in its trajectory and when it looks like it didn’t hit anything, but you hear faint / very soft sound. Everything more then that is a solid hit!! These scratches are often not even called by a lot of judges in other tournaments. But I want these hits called, because the word HIT implies that something got hit and there was contact.
More over these little scratches in a real fight could still cause serious damage…
Finally, for current daily updates, please visit the ILHG updates page here and follow the event on Facebook.
I look forward to seeing the rest of you in a month in Amsterdam.

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