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Pro-Gauntlet Update

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by Meg Floyd


The makers of the Pro-Gauntlet gloves, Youval Kuipers and Maarten Kamphuis, have released a new update on the status of glove production. You can read it below or check the update out here.

Hi everyone,

It is time for an update! It’s been a while since we’ve shown our noses on the web, but that doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening; on the contrary! For the moment, we’ve kept ourselves busy with “background work”, which, although essential, probably isn’t very newsworthy for most of you. However, since we’re getting more and more questions at events and on the net, here’s an update to give you all en idea of what’s going on in the ProGauntlet kitchen.

Process and Progress 

The funding raised through our Indiegogo campaign was meant to buy time and resources for the pre-production phase in which the design would be brought to the next level and preparations would be made to go towards large-scale production. This is exactly the course we’re on right now, working on design, production systems and the groundwork for the correct company structure to support it all. The design process is lengthy and elaborate, and rightly so! We have put the bar very high, wanting to create the best possible glove out there. We often see people wearing our old prototype smiling, because it’s unlike anything they’ve worn so far. But these are just the beginning. We want people to experience what a precisely designed and produced glove can feel like and the level of protection it can give, combined with mobility and durability. This is why our priority right now is to work towards a new prototype that will demonstrate important parts of what has been in our minds and sketchbooks so far. We aim to demonstrate this prototype at Swordfish coming november. So stay tuned for this first major update!

Please note that it is currently not a full-time occupation. The money you helped us raise is an amazing sum, but we need to manage and divide it carefully in order make this phase work. Waiting time on certain results or resources are an important factor in planning. Besides, we both have other jobs to put bread on the table and projects such as the HEMA Tournament Manager, which also deserve part of our dedication.


It is important to also create a good framework and backbone for our company. This is essential if we want to be able to deal with large demands once the ProGauntlet enters the market (without long waiting times then). We do understand and appreciate your excitement, hey we can’t wait to try those gloves ourselves! But now we would ask of you to please be patient. We are giving it our best to give you the best. Quality takes time. 🙂


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