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New Documentary “Women Warriors” Seeks Funding

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by Meg Floyd

An Italian film crew called IMAGO is seeking funding for the production for a documentary about women in HEMA called Women Warriors. The documentary will follow the lives of three women in HEMA from three different countries, and seek to discover what it is that drove these women to pick up a sword.

The three women in the film will include two veterans and a new practitioner–Fran Terminiello of the U.K., known widely in the community for her skill with rapier and her community building efforts as an admin of the women’s HEMA group Esfinges, Märta-Sofie Geijer of Sweden who gained renown by winning the women’s longsword at Swordfish 2012, and Luca Parisi, a woman from Italy who’s just set out on her HEMA journey.

Fran Terminiello, HEMA fighter from the U.K.

Fran Terminiello, HEMA fighter from the U.K.


Alessandro Riccardo, producer and director for IMAGO, writes:

My name is Alessandro Riccardi, I’m a film producer and a director. I own a company in Italy called IMAGO, that I manage with my partner (in business and in life) Viviana Panfili. With IMAGO we produced a lot of short movies, documentary and tv shows.

One of the last productions, “Margerita” by Alessandro Grande, is currently one of the italian short films screened at the world.

Almost one year ago, during one of the first lessons that I followed, given by my friend Francesco Perciballi, I was struck by the number of women.

Why a girl in 2000 decide to practice an ancient art, a fighting art, designed for men only? This is the question that I asked myself, and in this documetary I want to try to give an answer.

I got in contact with the Esfinges, an international association of women only, all passionate about medieval fencing. The president of Esfinges, Mariana Perica Lòpez, has helped us to find contacts with the girls who wanted to make the protagonists of the documentary, and now she (and her association) continues to follow the project and support it.

So I will follow the life and training of three girls, three many different peoplem, each in a different country, each member of Esfinges, investigating what are the reasons that pushes them to fight with a medieval sword.

The three protagonists of the documentary will be: Fran Terminiello, from Great Breat; Märta-Sofie Geijer, from Sweden; Lucia Parisi, from Italy.

We will shoot some fighting at next Swordfish tournament of Goteborg.

We will also see in the documentary studies at the base of the medieval fencing that is practiced today, including how it has gone back to the correct techniques, reconstructing partial drawings. We will be interviewing some faculty experts from the univerities of Bologna and Genova.

By contributing to this project, you will help us to spread art that is still little known in Europe and in the world.

We found investors in Italy and we cover the expenses for the shooting, what I look for here are the costs for translation, dubbing and distribution.

The cost of translation in not high, but the dubbing yes. Our target is a dubbing in at least two languages, for a better distribution in festivals and television.

If we are unable to raise enough money, we will cover the remaining sum of our own pockets, to ensure that the work is still completed. But if we were to get more money, we use it to translate the documentary in multiple languages.

“Women Warriors” is only the first of a larger project. It woul be nice if your name was linked to it!

IMAGO is hoping to reach a goal of 7.000€ by November 24, 2013. To donate, please visit their campaign on IndieGogo here.


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