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Registration for Longpoint 2014 Is Open!

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by Meg Floyd

One of the largest, best-known events in the U.S., Longpoint is one of my favorite events to attend. You may remember our article on Longpoint 2013 or seeing my goofy face as one of the hosts for the livestream of the finals last year.  The team behind Longpoint 2014 has already opened registration, just in time for an early and heavily discounted holiday gift for the fencer in your family. Check it out below:

Greetings everyone!

As with last year, we’re opening Longpoint 2014 early registration NOW.[/b] This is a special Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/New Year’s/Winter Solstice/Festivus discount price for those of you that wish to (a) spend less or (b) get Longpoint 2014 as a gift for yourself or your special HEMA other. This early registration price is limited to the first 40 registrants.


Maryland/Capital Kunst des Fechtens and the HEMA Alliance are proud to host Longpoint 2014; the fifth annual HEMA gathering for workshops and one of the largest competitive events in the US.

July 17 – 20, 2014

Events include:

[*]Bring-Your-Own-Sword Open Steel Longsword and Women’s Longsword Tournaments
[*]Open Synthetic Longsword Tournament
[*]Singlestick Tournament
[*]Ringen Tournament
[*]Cutting Competition with event-provided sword (or bring your own)
[*]The Longpoint 2014 Triathlon
[*]Paired Technique Competition
[*]Invitational Counted Blows Tournament
[*]Awards for every competition
[*]Open floors for sparring every day

Extended Workshops

We’ve added a whole second room and an extra half day to better split up the classes and competitions!

[*]Jessica Finley – “Don’t stand so close to me” – a study of wrestling, armed and otherwise.
[*]Sean Hayes – Getting the Basics Right
[*]Lee Smith
[*]Fourth Instructor Coming Soon

Classes by

[*]James Clark, USA
[*]Tim Holter, CANADA
[*]Kristian Ruokonen, FINLAND
[*]Eric White, USA
[*]Betsy Winslow, USA
[*]…and many more TBA


Turf Valley Resort– Ellicott City, Maryland – USA

All amenities and events are on-site.

Okay, then…so what’s changed from last year?

We got a lot of good feedback last year, and we’ve made the following changes based on your input:

[*]Registration covers one tournament (additional tournaments $20 each)
[*]Registration includes event T-shirt
[*]Registration includes Saturday night Awards Ceremony and Event Dinner
[*]Steel Longsword tournament this year is “Bring your own sword”
[*]Ringen tournament this year will be a more “freestyle” format compared to last year’s Ringen am Grublein
[*]Lunches are no longer included; area eateries (and directions) will be provided upon on-site registration for individuals who wish to eat outside of the hotel
[*]We’ve replaced the Sword & Buckler tournament with an invitational steel “counted blows” tournament using the most current research on historical Fechtschule-style rules
[*]We’ve added an experimental demonstration of historical techniques competition
[*]We’ve added an additional hall, separate from the tournament spaces, for classes and freeplay/sparring
[*]We’ve added an extra half-day to the schedule to provide more time to free-play, socialize, and recover between events

Early registration is only $160 + $20 for each additional tournament after the first.


I look forward to seeing you there!


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