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Free New Study Guide: “The Sword and Dagger Techniques of François Dancie”

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by Meg Floyd

Today’s contribution to HEMA scholarship comes to us from Rob Runacres of English club School of the Sword. In Runacres’ own words, “Something for the start of the year, a summary of all of Francois Dancie’s rapier and dagger techniques from ‘L’espée de combat’ (1623). The treatise itself provides great insight into the thoughts of a man who learned his trade in the field rather than the salle, as is reflected by some of the brutal swordplay he details. This is not a stand-alone interpretation, but an aide-memoire to the original text or the forth coming translation by myself and Thibault Ghesquire. Dancie’s core principles are not outlined, but will require study to understand the techniques.”

You can access a PDF of Runacres’ guide here.

To all the sword and dagger students out there, happy studying! We look forward to the new translation of the actual manual eagerly.


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