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Help Make History, Horses, and Swords Happen!

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by Meg Floyd

In Switzerland this summer, a historic event will be taking place, the first of its kind–the first ever Rossfechten seminar, the art of German Kunst de Fechten combined with horseback riding.

From the Indigogo page, “We have the chance to create a truly historic event, the first of it’s kind, combining some of the most challenging disciplines in existence, riding, martial arts and historical research. Fifteenth century German fencing manuals call the art of combat on horseback Rossfechten. This means not just fighting on horseback but horse and rider fighting as one. To return this to life is our ultimate goal.  We are a group of  HEMAists (Historical European Martial Artists)   accomplished riders and re-enactors who are passionate about reconstructing mounted combat from period sources in the interest of better understanding our history and heritage. We welcome every one of you to attend, but understand that not everyone can. If you would love to come but cannot  please make  this possible for others. Your donations can make this event successful and most importantly annual so we can hope to see you in the future. You can take our event from obscure and academic to EPIC!”

The event’s organizers are trying to raise €2,000 by March 4th in order to procure a riding facility that will allow them to carry out their event at full capacity. Sponsors to the Indiegogo campagin can choose from a number of perks, the most appealing of which is the €25 perk of being entered into a raffle for a beautiful pewter Landsknecht flask.

If you want to help see a truly historic event for HEMA take place, click here to donate to the campaign.


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