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HEMA Reviews from Dreynevent and an update on ProGauntlet!

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by Meg Floyd

Alen Lovric of HEMA Reviews brings a full-packed episode of reviews this week, including segments on an Ensifer feder, Black Lance Gloves, and an update on the much-awaited ProGauntlets, which are still in production. Check out Alen’s video below.

And if you’re at work and can’t wait, here’s what Lovric has to say about the ProGauntlet prototype he looked at, which starts at 9:23 in the video:

I also got to handle the prototype of the ProGauntlets. Well, part of it. There was a very impressive demonstration where Keith Farrell put on the glove, put his hand in what they called the guillotine, which is basically a device where all of the force is impacted in the hand or on the glove, actually, and they smacked him with a sword. He said he felt the impact, but didn’t feel much, and of course, being curious, I went and I asked if I could try something similar. What I wanted to try out was the fingers, because the fingers are more difficult to protect well than the back of the hand, which was tested in the demonstration, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Even in sparring gloves, when you get a hit, you feel it as a point hit. It’s not pressure. It’s an actual hit. It’s still uncomfortable, whereas here, I only put the finger on, it’s true. By the way, the fingers look absolutely fantastically mobile, which is amazing. I can’t wait for the gloves. But I put on the finger, and I asked Maarten to hit me, and what really surprised me was that it didn’t feel like a strike anymore. It just felt like someone was pushing my hand away instead of actually hitting it. Now, the hits weren’t exactly full-force, because the prototype wasn’t complete. I just had like this part of the finger on. However, it wasn’t light.  It was something like a normal hit in sparring. So not tournament hits, but let’s say, in friendly sparring when someone hits you, it was like that. And it didn’t actually feel like a strike. It just felt like someone was pushing my hand away, which is awesome, and I really hope these gloves will be finished quickly, because I want them.

(As an addendum, I got to try out a ProGauntlet prototype at Swordfish last year. I put it on, spread my hand across a table top, and cracked myself on the fingers as hard as I could, and didn’t feel a thing. Very exciting stuff indeed!)


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