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New “Modern Gloss” Project puts KdF on the big screen

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by Meg Floyd

Jacob Norwood and Ben Michels of Maryland KdF/Capital KdF have put out the first video in their series on interpretations of various techniques within the KdF tradition. An ambitious project on paper, and while the inevitable endless debate on technique interpretation is already ensuing on websites and message boards, this first presentation is stunning in its execution and the level of quality put into the video itself. From the site:

A few months ago, probably around WMAW 2013, Ben Michels (forever after just “Ben”) comes up with this idea to finally do the videos we’d been planning on for YEARS as a modern gloss to Liechtenauer’s verses. Each one would contain a demonstrations of our interpretations of the technique (hopefully with all the cool of Anton Kuhtovic and friends), a short lesson on how to do it, a discussion of the theory behind it, and some drills, exercises, or training games for actually learning to do it. On top of all that, we wanted these to be fairly professional, with voice-overs, text overlays, and better lighting than just whatever was coming down from the ceiling.

Interested in watching? Check out the embedded video above or the actual site here. 


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