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News from Longpoint 2014

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by Meg Floyd

We’ve got our first update from the crew at Longpoint 2014, America’s currently reigning premier HEMA event. Check it out!

Hi everybody!

Things have been quiet on our end for the last few months as we’ve been prepping schedules, finishing up rulesets, and nailing down instructors.

We’ve confirmed Axel Petterson as our fourth Workshop instructor, joining Jess Finley, Lee Smith, and Sean Hayes in teaching a full four-hour block of in-depth instruction. We also have a dozen other instructors teaching traditional 90-minute classes, including:

James Clark
Tim Holter
Eric White
Betsy Winslow
..and more

We’ve also got a heap of competitive events:

Steel Longsword Tournament
Beginner’s Nylon Longsword Tournament
Singlestick (using an update on last year’s Saber rules)
Longsword Cutting Competition
Longsword Technique Demonstration Competition
Historical “German Fechtschule”-Style Competition
Ringen Tournament

We’re strongly considering an invitational or limited-attendance steel Langes Messer tournament as well–shoot me a line to express interest.

And there’s other stuff going on too:

HEMAA Instructor Certifications
Steven Hirsh’s Fitness Coach thingy
Free fencing/sparring! We’ve added LOTS of time for Free-fencing and sparring throughout the weekend.

This year’s pricing includes the event T-shirt and the Saturday night Awards Banquet at Turf Valley Resort.

And now for a friendly reminder…

Attendence is going well–all tournaments are limited so if you haven’t registered yet, don’t wait and end up losing a spot.

Also, don’t forget to reserve your room at Turf Valley. Space is limited, and one of the best things about Longpoint is fencing, socializing, and staying all under one roof. Don’t miss out!

See you there!

Jake Norwood
Ben Michels
Evil Ben Jarashow
MKDF, CKDF, & The Longpoint 2014 Crew


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