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Ilkka Hartikainen Weighs In On “Naked Fencing”

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by Meg Floyd

While everyone has their own opinions on this within the community, I’m sure, this blog post by Ilkka Hartikainen sums up my own feelings on the subject pretty well (and in a deeply articulate fashion), and deserves to be read. Click here to visit his blog to read the entry in full.

Ditching the gear to get a false sense of value to one’s practice is dangerous and irresponsible. Even if, within a group and between two experienced fencers it would be the norm and a useful way of practice, it should not be the standard method in today’s swordsmanship. It should not be advertised as such and especially it should not be somehow held at any higher esteem than other forms of practice, such as “sparring” with masks and harder hits. New people starting out need to get masks early on. They should know that they need one even before they actually begin.”


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