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Dutch HEMA Fighter Mishael Lopes Cardozo Makes Headlines Coming To Law Enforcement’s Aid

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by Meg Floyd

This is a cool story that surfaced in social media recently that I felt I had to share. There are so many upstanding people within the HEMA community, and Mishael Lopes Cardozo, founder of AMEK in the Netherlands, is certainly one of them. Read the translated story below from a Dutch newspaper about a recent adventure he had coming to the aid of some police officers in need.

Translation (by Mishael Lopes Cardozo):

Fighter Lopes does not turn a blind eye

Mishael Lopes Cardozo is walking on the Gedempte Oude Gracht (Street) en sees a large amount of people staring at 10 young adults who are hitting and kicking law enforcement personel from Connexxion. The Haarlem Swordfighter decides not to observe the incident like the others, but takes immediate action.

The lawenforcers are located at the busstop at Verwulft to check people for ‘fare dodging’. Just when they are arresting one, they fall victim to passing group of young adults that starts attacking the Connexxion personel.

Mishaël: “I could see they ad great difficulties controling the attacking crowd and some of the lawenforcers where already receiving severe beatings.
I didn’t do a lot except keeping the attackers at bay, while the suspect was being cuffed. Just at the point that it was really getting nasty the back-up arrived.
I give training to security personel and the police. The lawenforcers did their best, but it was evident that they could use some proper training.
I found it disturbing that there was no response from the observing crowd… The 15 year old suspect was taken to the police station.” 


Cardozo’s club is hosting the second annual International Lowlands HEMA Gathering later this year, and he is also starring in Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion, which you can watch a trailer of below.



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