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Longpoint & Irongate Exhibition 2014!

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by Meg Floyd

Greetings, everyone. We have some important updates regarding two big North American events this summer, Iron Gate Exhibition and Longpoint

Longpoint 2014’s just around the corner. This year the tournament’s featuring a livestream. You can check out who’s competing and what the tournament pools are at this link. 


And following shortly after Longpoint, its sister event Iron Gate Exhibition is going to be opening up registration the week after. Check out this update from event coordinator Jeff Tsay: 

So first things first: if you’re not going to our sister event Longpoint in Maryland next weekend, you better have a damn good reason. And if you don’t — GO TO LONGPOINT!

This year, we continue the tradition we started last year of offering cross-event free registration for winners of select tournaments at Longpoint and IGX. To celebrate our combined efforts this year of exploring the historical Counted Blow (in contrast to the After Blow), the winner of the Longpoint Invitational Counted Blows Tournament will receive FREE REGISTRATION AT IGX 2014! Likewise, the winner of the IGX Open Steel Longsword Tournament (featuring Counted Blows) will receive FREE REGISTRATION AT LONGPOINT 2015!

Can’t believe half the year is already gone… so let’s start the 2nd half off right! Go to Longpoint for your Summer HEMA fix, and get ready to register for IGX 2014 so you can get your Fall HEMA fix (last weekend of September)!


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