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International HEMA Lowlands Gathering II in the Netherlands

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by Meg Floyd

One of my favorite HEMA events, ILHG II is set to kick off next month in the Netherlands. Last year was perhaps the strongest debut I’ve ever seen for a first time tournament, and no doubt it worked because of the large and dedicated staff of AMEK club members and everyone else who hosted the event and made it happen. ILHG II will be happening this year on 5-8 September 2014. Check out the event website here and the Facebook event here. 

What can you expect? From the event page:

“On the 5th, 6th and 7th of september 2014 the second International Lowlands HEMA Gathering will take place. The biggest HEMA event in the Netherlands with the best international instructors teaching workshops and several tournaments, including the Invitational Rory van Noort Memorial tournament. don’t miss it! www.ilhg.nl

on Friday the event starts with our Amsterdam tours. you can choose between three different tours. in the evening you can either join the evening smaterdam programme or join our steel single handed tournament.

the saturday is our tournament day with 3 longsword tournaments the Open, Ladies and Invitational. for those who aren’t fighting we have organized workshops throughout the day. in the evening we have the grand dinner party again.

sunday is completely filled with workshops. but apart from that we also have our Kids Dussack tournament and several demonstrations.

the monday is an extra day now also open to all participants (until maximum number reached) we will go to another hall to do dussack games and teambuilding! have fun with the international starts in challenging fun games!”


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