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New British HEMA Tournament Announced for 2015 – Introducing the London HEMA Open

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by Meg Floyd

I am very happy to announce a brand spanking new British HEMA event, which promises to be a welcome addition to the UK’s already bustling HEMA scene. Put together as an international cooperative from Waterloo Sparring Group, as well as several noted international judges and referees, LHO 2015 promises to bring a new spirit of intense competition and camaraderie to English HEMA. 

From the main site: 

The London HEMA Open 2015 team are an experienced, enthusiastic group of historical fencers preparing a high quality, dedicated HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) competition in the UK.


Drawing inspiration from our experiences at Scandinavian competitions like Swordfish and the Nordic League, and Central European events like SKUNKS and SMDF, we intend to introduce a new level of athletic and competitive historical fencing to the UK in 2015.


We plan to bring fighters from around the world together to compete in the South East of the UK during the first half of 2015. Using modern protective equipment and safe steel weapon designs, they’ll fence in different weapon sets like Longsword (Open and Women’s), Side Sword and Buckler, and Rapier and Dagger over the course of two days.


The competitors will include many dedicated amateur martial artists with a proven record of demonstrating their skills on the mats. We’ve already signed up some of the most qualified judges from three different countries to impartially run the fights, as well as enlisted the support of local historical fencing equipment manufacturers in making the event happen.


You can check out the Facebook page here and the main registration site here. This promises to be an interesting event, so HEMA News will keep you updated as further developments arise. 


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