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“The Principles of Fighting” from La Sala delle Armi & TaurHEMAchia 2014

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by Meg Floyd

For today we bring you a new HEMA demo video from La Sala delle Armi in Italy, the same club which you remember as the hosts of TaurHEMAchia in Turin, Italy — which you should check out, since they are hosting TaurHEMAchia 2014 on 27-28 September. This year’s iteration of the event includes an intro to physical conditioning and functional training by Alberto Brandi (Accademia Marziale Europea – Napoli) and Paolo Marando (La Sala delle Armi – Torino), a workshop on Joachim Meyer’s dussack by Andrea Conti (Scuola d’Arme Fiore dei Liberi – Roma), a sword & buckler workshop by Giorgio Fonda (SeptemCustodie – Trieste) and a workshop on the subtleties of the Meisterhau by Martin Fabian (Bratislavský šermiarsky spolok – Bratislava), as well as tournaments in longsword, sword & buckler, and messer. Personally, I am quite excited by the messer tournament–there needs to be more messer events in the world. 

You can check out TaurHEMAchia’s main site here and their Facebook page here. 

And on to the main event: check out the video below!



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