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Swordplay Australia 2014

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by Meg Floyd

Today I am happy to introduce another Australian longsword event, Swordplay Australia, taking place 12-14 September in Brisbane. Check out the description below!


Swordplay is Australia’s premier HEMA steel event, 12-14 September in Brisbane. Started in 2009 by Scott McDonald of the Australian Sword Academy, 2014 is the sixth year running and now attracts competitors from across Australia and even New Zealand. This year it’s being run by the Swordplay 14 Crew made up of members of various schools and groups across the country.

The tournaments have grown through variations of rule sets and styles. Years gone past have seen separate weapons and mixed weapons competitions. The rules have balanced out to reflect an individual unarmoured duelling scenario, designed to encourage technical fencing and demonstration of solid defence, as well as set an even playing field for the various schools involved.

This year there are 4 competitions; rapier, sword, longsword, and dagger, as well as a waster ‘king of the hill’ and team melee. The event is coordinated totally by volunteers who fill the roles as fight marshals, scorers, corner judges, timekeepers, weapons and safety marshals. Members of the HEMA community also contribute by running workshops, and there is always plenty of social swordplay across the weekend.

The competition is fierce and includes single weapons, companion items (2nd sword or rapier, dagger, buckler and cloak), grappling is included for those that train in it.

This year is promising to be a spectacular Swordplay, with new swordsmen and women in the lists as well as competitors from previous years. Whilst we don’t have the population to draw crowds like Longpoint and Swordfish, registrations so far will see at least 20 competitors, from 9 different schools, in each of the four main tournaments!

There is still 2 weeks to register! So check out the event website at: http://www.swordplay2014.info/


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