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Announcing the Leon Paul London HEMA Open

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by Meg Floyd

I’m very happy to announce the partnership of Leon Paul with LHO to form the Leon Paul London HEMA Open. 

From the site:

It gives us great pleasure to finally announce our official cooperation with Leon Paul London who will host the Leon Paul-London HEMA Open tournaments. Their world class fencing salle is an excellent environment for the historical fencing tournament we envisioned, drawing inspiration from our experiences at events around Europe:

The Leon Paul London HEMA Open 2015 is going to take place

on the 13th-14th of June, 2015.

Please mark it on your calendar.

Established in 1921 in London, Leon Paul has long been a major force in fencing worldwide – manufacturing elite quality fencing equipment, introducing ground-breaking technology and supporting the sport through sponsorship of fencers and fencing organisations of all kinds. As their first contribution to HEMA, Leon Paul has recently cooperated with SPES to create the Titan Range HEMA gear, providing the best and the safest modern fencing equipment for historical fencers.

The LP-LHO2015 team is working hard behind the scenes to make this event happen, and we want to thank you for the support and attention we’ve been receiving from the HEMA community. Over the coming months we’ll be finalising and publicising more details about the competition format, rules and equipment standards.

We will soon release a piece from the head of our refereeing team about the philosophy that lies behind the rules and judging for this event. These principles affect the form of the competitions.

In the meantime we continue the tournament management and refereeing training, where we prepare both our staff and fencers who are interested in our system. Stay tuned or contact us if you would like to participate!

– The Leon Paul London HEMA Open Team.


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