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The Nordic Historical Fencing League (NHFL) Kicks Off at the Helsinki Longsword Open!

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by Meg Floyd

The NHFL kicked off its second year with the Helsinki Longsword Open this weekend. Competition promises to be fierce. Below are pictured the top three from the mixed and women’s longsword divisions.

Photo by Markus Koivisto.

Photo by Markus Koivisto.

The results are here:

Women’s division
1st Eliisa Keskinen, EHMS, Finland
2nd Margit Reiersen, Bergen HEMA, Norway
3rd Julia Yli-Hukka, GHFS, Sweden
4th Michaela D’Orlando, WSG, England

Mixed division
1st Carl Ryrberg, Örebro HEMA, Sweden
2nd Ties Kool, AMEK, Netherlands
3rd Thomas Nyzell, UHFS, Sweden
4th Kristian Ruokonen, EHMS, Finland


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