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Wiktenauer Blows Through Funding Goals

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by Meg Floyd

This past month, HEMA’s unofficial manual database Wiktenauer which is directed by Michael Chidester and funded by the American umbrella organization, the HEMA Alliance, hosted its annual fundraiser to try to cover its server costs. The goal for this year was to raise $1500, but the community blew the fundraiser out of the water, raising $22,710 to not only cover the site’s server costs, but also to acquire scans of several new manuals for the database. The list of manuals acquired from this year’s fundraiser will include:

– The Nuremberg (“Döbringer”) Hausbuch (MS. 3227a)
– Girolamo Cavalcabo’s original Italian manuscript (Ms. Italien 1527)
– 1580 English translation of Paride del Pozzo (Ms. V.b.104)
– The Jud Lew manuscript (Cod. I.6.4º.3)
– Giovanni Antonio Lovino’s manuscript (Ms. Italien 959)
– Angelo Viggiani’s manuscript (Cod. 10723)
– Captain Peloquin’s manuscript (Ms. KB.73.J.39)
– The 1443/Gotha version of Talhoffer (Ms. Chart. A. 558)
– The Hague manuscript of Salvator Fabris (Ms. KB.73.J.38)
– Maister Liechtenawers Kunstbuech (Cgm 3712)
– Antonius Rast’s Fechtbuch (Reichsstadt Nr. 82)
– The Copenhagen manuscript of Salvator Fabris (Ms. GKS 1868/r)

As well as purchasing manuals, there are plans to use some of the funds to help director Michael Chidester appear and lecture at more large events, to promote outreach about manual research.

Chidester commented in a Facebook post at the end of the fundraiser, “Really, this is more funding than we ever thought we’d have. I promise that none of it will go into the HEMAA Zeppelin fund, and we’ll try to use it as wisely as possible to continue bringing the treatises to the masses. Doubtless new treatises will come to light over the next year and new scans will become available, and we’ll be there to take full advantage when that happens. Thank you very much for all your generosity in helping us keep the Wiktenauer going, and to keep it growing.”


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