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Dierk Hagedorn and Bartlomiej Walczak’s Translation of ‘New Haven Gladiatoria’ Finished

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by Meg Floyd

The translation of the once-lost Gladiatoria manual found in New Haven, CT has been completed by researchers Dierk Hagedorn and Bart Walczak. The new translation is bilingual (English and German), 390 pages long, and will be available from Free Lance Academy Press.

In his own words on Facebook, Hagedorn announced, “Dear friends of the Historical Martial Arts, I am more than happy that finally, after more than five years, the project I worked on together with Bart Walczak has finally reached a happy ending: Yesterday I received the first copies of the Gladiatoria book we put so much effort into. It is an edition about the Gladiatoria manuscript from New Haven, Connecticut, that once was believebd to be irretrievably lost in WW II. Luckily, it has resurfaced, and now it’s here for everybody to own. Our book has become a vast volume, 390 pages, with articles by Bart, Daniel Jaquet and yours truly; with forewords by Hans-Peter Hils and Sydney Anglo. The volume is entirely bilingual, both English and German. Apart from the articles, the main part is of course about the manuscript itself, with full colour reproductions and an exact transcription plus translations into English and German. Don’t hesitate to visit my publisher’s website at https://www.vs-books.de/shop/details.php?id=933185&kategorie=135&main_kat=1&start=0&nr

Quite soon, the good people at Freelance Academy Press will distribute this volume too.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am still excited to hold this very heavy book in my hands; and I sincerely do hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do. I believe five years of work have resulted in a very fine volume I am sure you will hold dear.

Nu merck das stuck.”


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