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Krieg School Denver Raises Money For Local Food Bank

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by Meg Floyd

Usually I don’t publish much about my regular home club life, but tonight I just can’t resist. Ben and I recently relocated to Colorado, where we opened another chapter of Krieg School with our new fellow instructor Andrew Weems. We’ve been open since early January, and our first crop of new students had their first beginner longsword tournament. Because it’s important to us to contribute to our new city (and inspired by Phoenix Society’s recently held charity tournament to raise funds to fight slavery), we decided to make it a charity event, where everyone’s entry fee was thrown into a pot and then donated at the end of the tournament to a local charity called Food Bank of the Rockies, which donates $0.96 on the dollar to provide meals to local Colorado families struggling with hunger. All in all, KSD students raised enough money to provide 207 meals to these families. As a coach, I’m very proud of them.



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