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Another Update from ProGauntlet

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by Meg Floyd

Literally less than five minutes ago, the ProGauntlet team posted an update on their Kickstarter page. Take a look below to see how things are going now:

Dear ProReader,

Here’s a message that will be news to some and no surprise to others. We’d like to give specific attention to a couple of recurring questions which we’ve received over the last year. Most are a polite variation of: “When’s this bloody glove going to hit the market?”. We’re well aware that this has been on the minds of many of our backers and followers and we do understand if you’re a little impatient. After all, it’s been about two years since we started our crowdfunding campaign, right?

The truth is, we’d like to see this glove on our hands more than anyone. However, we’ve deliberately been careful with indicating any release date. If we have somehow given you the impression that we would be done in record time, we do apologise.

When we began this journey, we had to start almost from scratch on a complex product that existed only in our minds, armed with a burning desire, a strong commitment and a handful of calculated assumptions. The good news is, the desire and the commitment are still there. However, many of the assumptions have gone straight out of the window. And that is fine, because we have learned so much since then. Most importantly, that design is not a linear process. It’s more like a drunk bicycle ride. Through sheer determination, you know that come the morning, you’ll likely wake up in your bed. But it will take plenty of failures and detours ‘till you actually get there…

Fortunately, unlike the drunken cyclist, we know better and better where we need to go and what we need in order to reach our home goal.

We have learnt to be both very critical about quality and to be realistic about our own expectations. What matters is that we want a unique product that will truly make a change for HEMA. If we don’t take the time we need, we will soon be at the exact same point as where we started: with two broken fingers at the infirmary, wishfully dreaming of something better. How happy would you, our backers, be if the ProGauntlet was yet another glove, perhaps slightly better, but not THE glove you’re looking for? To us it’d mean a waste of precious time and resources.

On the other hand, we do know that at a certain point it will be good enough to launch. And we’re doing what we can to make that moment happen as soon as we can.

Since the end of the crowdfunding campaign, we both have spent two days a week on average on ProGauntlet. But only part of that time is spent on design. Other activities include: resource management, expanding (and reducing) team size, production research and design, finding production partners, consulting experts, patenting and legal research and documentation, feeding the intern and the list goes on… Such is the nature of innovative entrepreneurship

Furthermore, when we became part of the YesDelft business incubator, we took a personal bank loan of 30.000 euros to use for the PG development. This is money we invested in our company, money that we will have to pay back. We believe in what we’re doing, we hope you share this belief. We are creating something wonderful, and that takes time.

This message is not a complaint or an excuse. We are truly thankful that we were given the possibility to undertake this wonderful and challenging endeavour. We can assure you, we are determined and we are making good progress.

All we would ask of you is to reach into that well of patience and trust us when we say that the day you will don your own set of ProGauntlet gloves is coming closer.

Maarten & Youval

Team ProGauntlet


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