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Essay Contest from WMA Shop

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by Meg Floyd

The WMA Shop is offering a pair of free forearm guards for the best essay submitted describing ‘What does HEMA mean to me?’

The terms described on their Facebook page:

In light of the lack of recent updates we here at WMA Shop will be giving away a pair of our ever popular Forearm Guards to one respondent who best answers the following question below:

In 250 (a small word allowance is acceptable) words or less: “What does HEMA / WMA mean to me, and what kind of value has it brought to my life.”

The response will be judged completely subjectively and this individual will receive a single WMA Shop Forearm Guards as seen here:


Postage within Australia will be included as well as internationally. This will include most European and other Western countries but there will be some reasonable exceptions.

The best responses will also be compiled into a single post and shared amongst the WMA / HEMA communities in Australia and overseas.

You can either post your response in this thread or alternatively email your submission to sales@wmashop.com with the email title of “What WMA/HEMA means to me”.

This contest will end on Sunday the 5th of April 2015, we look forward to hearing what you come up.

Cheers, Branko.


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