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HEMA in Romania: Academia Dimicatores Wallachiae

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by Meg Floyd

A new HEMA group in Romania, Academia Dimicatores Wallachiae, recently posted a video presentation of its fencers online, which we’re bringing you now in the vein of sharing HEMA from all the corners of the world where it’s popping up.

The fencer who posted the video, one Alina Dragoescu, commented on a Facebook post: “Greetings,
We are a new club from Romania – Academia Dimicatores Wallachiae, the first club in this country, a “motley crew” of passionate people who decided to pursue this beautiful art, an expression of cultural heritage for all of Europe. We know that we do not raise to the standards of our western and northern friends, but that drives our perseverance. Some time ago we made a little presentation video and decided to share. The moves are greatly slowed (for some audience in our country, so they can perceive it better) and our technique can use a lot of improvement, but that’s the beauty of this challenge – getting better. We hope to find understanding and guidance here – in a common effort to increase the synergy and expand this beautiful art ever further. Thank you.”

Check the video out, and be sure to tune in on Friday for an interview with a HEMA club in Belarus!


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