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Save Eric’s House

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by Meg Floyd


I usually don’t share these things, even though invariably they are for a good and noble cause. However, this time is different. Eric Wiggins is a really old friend of mine. He’s one of the people I met at my very first HEMA event, Dixie Krieg back in 2009. He’s been around the community for all these years, training new fighters, facing people in the ring, staffing events, generally just being a stand-up guy.


And, as we all know, Mother Nature can be an asshole. Especially in Louisiana. Eric just closed on his house less than two weeks ago, and as of today the first floor was underwater in a historic flood that’s swept the state. I pray to God he has good flood insurance, but I don’t know. So if you can, if you have anything to spare, throw a few bucks into Eric’s GoFundMe page. It’s hard to imagine how many thousands of dollars of damage have been done to his family’s house and property. Let’s do what we can to help them get resettled once the flood waters recede.

You can donate here at his GoFundMe. 


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