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Keith Cotter-Reilly

Keith is originally from Cork, Ireland. Through a long convoluted trek he has ended up living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

He has a Electronic Engineering degree from Cork Institute of Technology in Cork, Ireland. Which is extremely useful for an instructor at an MMA/Fitness gym.

Keith is a 2nd degree black belt in Shodokan Karate and Wado-Ryu Karate and a purple belt in Roberto Traven Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Keith learned Shodokan Karate in Ireland and learned Wado-Ryu in Japan while he was an English teacher there. He started his BJJ journey in Japan also. Along with these martial arts he has practiced Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai, and some Kendo.

His first introduction to HEMA was at home in Cork with some re-enactment friends who taught him some basics. After forgetting about it while living in Japan, he stumbled upon videos of Swordfish and from there other people doing HEMA related training. Since then Keith has been training as best he can primarily in Longsword and Dussack.

He is the contact person for the Atlanta Freifechter group. They study the works of Meyer, and other 16th century fencing manuals.