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HEMA Events In 2015

by Meg Floyd 

Below is as accurate and complete a list of HEMA events this year I could cobble together, between Facebook and posts floating around on Tumblr. It is by no means necessarily comprehensive of ALL events happening in the world this year. If you do not see your event listed here, please email me so I can add it! 


Kron LA HEMA Block Party – California

Helsinki Longsword Open – Finland
Encuentro de Artes Marciales Europeas – Mexico


Dreynevent – Vienna, Austria


SWASH – Leeds UK
Purpleheart Open – Texas
Historical Mixed Martial Arts Torneo del NordOvest – Italy
Bunny Bash – Belgium
Brass Frog – Connecticut
Shortpoint 2015 – Baltimore
Florentia 2015 – Italy

Vancouver Int’l Swordplay Symposium

Int’l Saber Symposium – Germany 

Vasaslaget – Sweden

Meyerstag – Slovenia


International Meeting FISAS – Italy
Bratislava Fecht – Slovakia
Copenhagen Open Longsword – Denmark
Study In Steel – South Carolina

Nord Fecht – Poland

American Smallsword Symposium – Maryland


HEMAC – Dijon, France
Krieges-Schule – Colorado & Florida (Postponed until 2016) 
Feder SKUNKS – Poland
Örebro Open – Sweden
Meyer Convivium – Italy
Ladies’ Weekend – Austria

Fechtschule New York – New York


Paris HEMA Open
Schwertkampfturnier ‘Sword of Vienna’ – Austria
London HEMA Open (postponed until 2016) – UK
CombatCon – Las Vegas


Barcelona Historical Fencing Meeting – Spain
Longpoint – Maryland
Donnerschlag – Germany
Edgebana 2015 – Scotland


FightCamp UK
Pacific Northwest HEMA Gathering – Seattle
Torre de Hércules – Spain
Bergen Open (cancelled) – Norway
World Wide Open Longsword and Rapier Championships – Hannover, Germany
Bellum Nobile – Düsseldorf, Germany
Rossfechten Symposium – Switzerland
Fechtwoche auf Burg Reichenstein 2015 – Austria
Fechtschule Frisbee – New Hampshire


International Lowlands HEMA Gathering – Netherlands
Western Martial Arts Workshop – Chicago
Sword Island – Spain
Fechtfest (cancelled) – Germany
Taurhemachia – Italy
Trainerlehrgang Langes Schwert 2015 – Austria

HEMA Celje


SoCal Swordfight – California (Maybe? Not positive on this one.)
Encuentro Internacional AEEA – Spain
Historical European Fighting & Fencing Arts Coalition – Netherlands
Iron Gate Exhibition – Boston

W3 Warsaw – Poland

Smallsword Symposium – UK 


Swordfish – Gothenburg, Sweden
Feder SMDF – Poland
Malta Historical Fencing Association International Meeting



Further resources:

HEMA Events Map International

Sources: http://mindhost.tumblr.com/post/95176785497/hema-international-event-calendar

* My personal FB events page.

Edits: I’ve added a few more, W3 Warsaw in Poland, Vasaslaget in Sweden, VISS, ISS, American Smallsword Symposium, and Smallsword Symposium. I’ve also added Feile na Gaiscigh in Ireland.


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In case there was any confusion…

by Meg Floyd

There has recently been some online controversy and confusion about who the first woman to win an open HEMA tournament at a major international event is, but let the record stand that it was the fabulous Kristine Konsmo of the Frie Duellister Club who won open sword and buckler four years ago back in 2011 at Swordfish, the largest and most prestigious HEMA event worldwide.

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The Nordic Historical Fencing League (NHFL) Kicks Off at the Helsinki Longsword Open!

by Meg Floyd

The NHFL kicked off its second year with the Helsinki Longsword Open this weekend. Competition promises to be fierce. Below are pictured the top three from the mixed and women’s longsword divisions.

Photo by Markus Koivisto.

Photo by Markus Koivisto.

The results are here:

Women’s division
1st Eliisa Keskinen, EHMS, Finland
2nd Margit Reiersen, Bergen HEMA, Norway
3rd Julia Yli-Hukka, GHFS, Sweden
4th Michaela D’Orlando, WSG, England

Mixed division
1st Carl Ryrberg, Örebro HEMA, Sweden
2nd Ties Kool, AMEK, Netherlands
3rd Thomas Nyzell, UHFS, Sweden
4th Kristian Ruokonen, EHMS, Finland

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From Nordic Fencer: “NHFL – I lost every bout and I loved every minute”

by Meg Floyd

I strongly recommend you check out a recent post at Nordic Fencer from a recent beginner fencer’s experience at the Bergen Open. Markus Koivisto’s reflections not only perfectly encapsulate what I feel a first tournament experience is like for many historic fencers–he also succinctly points out what I believe the entire point of tournaments is. 

So what compels a person go abroad for a weekend to fence, especially as they lose every single bout? What should you spend the rest of your weekend on when all your gear is packed away and your towel is hung out to dry? Well, when you lock fifty odd HEMAists into the same space, what you end up with is first and foremost a social event. All of the participants are united by a love for historical fencing, and it’s easy to make friends and talk with people about just about everything. I exchanged training tips and thoughts about sparring and worked out tactical scenarios with other fencers. As the tournament was wrapped up for the day, people organised impromptu workshops or fucked around with dussacks. In other words, it was exactly what you’d expect when you spend a weekend with HEMAists – loads of fun.

I eagerly await the start of next season. I can’t wait to get to fight against fencers far, far better than me again. I can’t wait to get good feedback to direct my training. Above all, I can’t wait to get to catch up and exchange thoughts with my newfound friends again. I hope to see you all (and hopefully many of the readers too) next year!

Do yourself a favor and read the full post here.