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What is HEMA?

HEMA, or Historical European Martial Arts, is a broad term encompassing the movement to reconstruct Europe’s martial heritage by studying surviving sources, like fighting manuals and other literature, and then applying what we learn to non-cooperative sparring. HEMA can include anything from sword fighting, archery, daggers, wrestling, and even jousting. HEMA has a lively community of scholars constantly debating the historical sources, as well as being a thriving sport with dozens of tournaments and events held worldwide each year. A recent excellent documentary about part of this movement is Reclaiming the Blade.

What is HEMA news?

HEMA News is a website dedicated to the promotion and dispersion of HEMA to the general public, to provide a one-of-a-kind in-depth view of who is who and what is what within the sport–as well as facilitating community-wide communication of tournaments, tournament winners, and resources for the study of HEMA. To do this HEMA News will be sharing instructor spotlights, guest columns, product reviews, and general articles about the history and current events of HEMA.

How can I help?

Want to help HEMA News? Are you an event organizer, an instructor, or just someone with a unique perspective of something going on in HEMA? Tell us your story!